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Photos of Santiago, Chile

After walking around for several hours and not stepping dog poop, I knew Santiago, Chile was a clean city and I loved it. During our four month adventure through … [Read More...]

A look into the past.

Past Adventures

Tiff at Colca Canyon, Peru

Salamanders, Contests and Blogs

Greetings again from the American 4th of July! Hope anyone celebrating had great a great weekend with friends and family.   This weeks post is a writing contest I've entered on the We Said go Travel Site. It's a vulnerable piece entitled, How … [Read More...]

French bread hot out of the oven made by Tiff.

Ghosts, Books and Bread

Oh boy...lots of stuff is happening. Vermont is *just beautiful* right now. I went running down our dirt road thankful for each crunch of gravel I heard beneath my feet. I looked up at the umbrella of green leaves hanging over the road providing me shade. I … [Read More...]

Tiff and Chris at Airport

How to Manage your Money Abroad

I had been striking out all day with language failures. I couldn't order a vegetarian burger (I ate plain white rice instead), we waited twenty minutes for a bus (maybe we could have taken the one right in front of us), and by this point I was standing at the … [Read More...]

When hiking you face all the elements and cold weather can cause you to burn more calories.

Power Day of Food for Camping

If you live in the US, Memorial Day is the traditional kick off to the camping season. It usually rains, last year we had snow, but every so often we have a nice weekend. Regardless of the weather, the point is it's the start of camping. Chris and I travel all … [Read More...]

What can happen to you if you are not careful crossing the street.

How not to cross the street in America

Each time upon returning to the states there are small cultural differences I forget about. This time after returning from our South America Adventures, I forgot how to cross the road in America. And I live in one of the worst states to forget: … [Read More...]

Tiff at top of mountain in Parque Nacional Huerquehue

The Next Mountain Top

When I start out hiking a mountain, my goal is to make it to the top. There are points it becomes hard, I'm tired, sore and I would like to turn around and go back down because it is the easier choice. But without the push, I will never make it to the top to … [Read More...]

Chris with Camera

One more Try feedburner!

Hey there again! Here is a quick post of Chris looking at you to see if all the feed burner subscribers from before the switch are receiving updates again. This whole site transfer has been such a process, but let me tell you one thing, I am *so* thankful … [Read More...]

camel from Australia

Keep it Cool

Ok, so I have to try just one more time to see if this feed burner redirection is working yet.  If after this it still isn't right, I will have to pass this task off to my tech guru. But I think I changed what I needed to change. That said, it wouldn't be the … [Read More...]