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snake eat toad 3

Where do Toads go in Vermont Winters?

Great news again everyone! Inspired on a warm, sunny fall day at Seyon Lodge State Park, I watched a toad work its way up from the ground. Some of lodge guests, Chris and myself watched this happen and started asking each all sorts of questions about toads. As … [Read More...]

red unknown

Flowers and You Inspired by Vermont, USA

This is what the Seyon Lodge looked like at the beginning of November: But there was a time when it looked liked this: Ah...beautiful summer time. At the lodge we certainly love flowers and no one loves flowers more than Donna. She is the flower guru. … [Read More...]

bean burger

Northeast Kingdom Food Tour, VT: Part 2

Welcome to Northeast Kingdom Food Tour Part 2! If you are just joining us be sure to check out last week's post telling more about how we decided to go on this food tour. For now we have to keep moving as half the day has gone by and we're barely 35 minutes … [Read More...]

Peacham Cafe

Northeast Kingdom, VT Food Tour: Part 1

Our friend Jess sent us a link the local Seven Days paper did on food in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and says, "We want to do this, can you join us? And can Chris plan it?" We responded, "Sure." And thus began the planning and implementation of our … [Read More...]

Halloween Party 2014

American Halloween

Halloween had always been a hit or miss holiday for me and my sister as kids. Some years we were allowed to go trick or treating, other years we weren't. As it's become our tradition to host a Halloween Party every year, I realized how little I actually knew … [Read More...]

Sunset at Colca Canyon, Peru

Everyday Life in Peru

Traveling alerts our eyes to the wonder of every day tasks and events around us. Even though every country has it's own regional differences, when you walk down a street in America, you are walking down a street in America. Often our eyes become lazy to what's … [Read More...]

Seyon Pond, Groton, VT

Seyon Fall, Vermont, USA

I live in a remarkable place. I don't take it for granted. I live and work at Seyon Lodge State Park in Vermont. It's an awesome spot. People come from all over the world to check out what I am priveledged to call my back yard. Last year, Outdoor … [Read More...]

Sunken boat in Ushuaia

Ushuaia, Argentina – At the End of the World

Last week there was some excitement. We saw a bunch of penguins at the End of the World, Ushuaia, Argentina and I placed in the top 3 for the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest! Keeping the excitement rolling, let's see what the most southernly city in the … [Read More...]