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tolka festival in vanuatu

Photo Roulette Round #104

Thanks everyone for all your positive encouragement! I am pleased to announce our photo entry of "Lady Leopard" was the WINNER for an online blogging contest of Travel Photo Roulette!!!   Finding this leopard, so quietly resting was one of the highlights … [Read More...]

rd shot with vagabondway

Keeping up with Vagabond Way!

Hey there! Well, I've been at this blogging thing a while now. And really, a blog, a website, a book, is nothing without you readers!!! So one, we wanted to say you're all AWESOME and thank you SO MUCH for choosing to come along on our … [Read More...]

annual green house

Flower Buying Time in Vermont, USA

Every spring when I see the brown grass emerging under the snow, I think of one thing, flowers! The brown grass will only turn into green grass which means soon it will be time to put flowers in the ground! When I first started learning about flowers, I … [Read More...]

I mean, almost every picture I had seen of VT looked like this. How could I not want to live there!?

Oh Vermont – How we Love You

I came to Vermont about five years ago by quitting a job cold turkey back in 2009 during what was one of the worst recessions at the time. I'd always had a feeling I wanted to move to Vermont and that was my chance. Not knowing what to expect, my … [Read More...]

trees in the Serengeti, Africa

Trees on the Serengeti Plains of Africa

During our three month journey through Africa I had several 'this is it' moments. Not the 'this is it' I'm gonna die moments in case you first thought that. The type of 'this is it' moment that resonates through your whole body and you know what it feels like … [Read More...]