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A look into the past.

Past Adventures

Cape Cross Seal looking at you from Namibia, Africa

Cape Cross Seals of Namibia, Africa

We could see their bodies laying all over the ground before we even got out of the truck. Thousands of them everywhere. When we stepped out of the vehicle, most of them got up and ran away. Except their run was more like a waddle as they screamed because their … [Read More...]

Pensive chimp in Uganda

Chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest of Uganda

It was Christmas Day and a truck of cow hides freshly removed from their bodies passed by our group in an open aired truck. We were bouncing down a jungle road with thick walls of vegetation on either side towards Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda. Every … [Read More...]

Pork Joint In Uganda, Africa

Ugandan Signs in Africa

I was always so mad after falling asleep in the vehicle at any point in our trip as we drove hundreds of kilometers across Africa. The scenery, changing landscapes and people would alter by the kilometer. But where I found I needed to have my camera ready at … [Read More...]

White Egret

Cruising along the source of the Nile River in Africa

Usually, by about the fifth grade most people know the Nile is the world’s longest river. This fact, I’m sure, has probably been played out millions of times in trivia games across the world. So when I had the chance to take a river cruise to the source of the … [Read More...]

baby wart hog

New Year’s Game Walk in Uganda, Africa

Walking in the bush in African national parks is usually not permitted. Simply, the list of animals that can kill you is just too long. Normally park visitors must stay in their vehicles at all times or else risk high fines, expulsion from the park and death, … [Read More...]

Live and Work from Anywhere

Working on the Road – we’re the Travel Couple!

Greetings everyone! This week we have an exciting announcement that has been in the works for a long time. Last spring, as I put on mud boots to cross an icy river simply to take the compost out for our Inn Keeping job, I was also furiously adding and … [Read More...]

Baby mountain gorilla.

Wow! – Gorillas in Rwanda, Africa!

We have been waiting to share this post for weeks! Hiking with Mountain Gorillas in the Jungles of Rwanda, Africa has been a stand alone wildlife experience. Mountain gorillas are found only in the jungles of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. We took so many … [Read More...]