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seyon sunset

One of those Weeks….

Oh no! The days have been cruising by this last week. Plain and simple, it's been one of those weeks. I spent some time with the family, I am working on a handful of … [Read More...]

A look into the past.

Past Adventures

Bryce National Park

Bryce National Park, Utah, USA

Recently I dug out a picture from our time spent in Utah. Oh my gosh did it remind me of how much I loved living in Utah! Chris and I lived in that red rock state for a year and a half. We were able to travel to so many national parks. I thought in this weeks … [Read More...]

humming bird sitting

Spring Time in Vermont

Oh the spring time, the spring time, it is passing so fast. June 21st has brought us into the summer solstice, although with Vermont weather, it does not really feel like that. Sitting down at the pond a few nights ago, a hoodie was not enough and I had to … [Read More...]

writing station of tiffany soukup

Keeping busy in the Spring Time!

Oh dear, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late with this weeks post! Been running a little crazy this week... ...trying to make sure team members are happy and keep things running smoothly... ...making sure I eat cattails (and edible plant species) and not water … [Read More...]

tent el chalten

My Favorite Travel Gear

I get asked all the time what type of gear we use to go on our adventures with. There are so many options out there a traveler could buy. And gear can add up. Good gear is not cheap. We spend a lot of time researching and trying out new products to find the … [Read More...]

tolka festival in vanuatu

And the Photo Roulette Round #104 Winner is…

Thank you to everyone who participated in this round of Photo Roulette. If you are just joining in you can check out last weeks posts or go to the source, Living the Dream who started this whole idea back in 2010.   As pretty much every host has … [Read More...]

tolka festival in vanuatu

Photo Roulette Round #104

Thanks everyone for all your positive encouragement! I am pleased to announce our photo entry of "Lady Leopard" was the WINNER for an online blogging contest of Travel Photo Roulette!!!   Finding this leopard, so quietly resting was one of the highlights … [Read More...]

rd shot with vagabondway

Keeping up with Vagabond Way!

Hey there! Well, I've been at this blogging thing a while now. And really, a blog, a website, a book, is nothing without you readers!!! So one, we wanted to say you're all AWESOME and thank you SO MUCH for choosing to come along on our … [Read More...]

annual green house

Flower Buying Time in Vermont, USA

Every spring when I see the brown grass emerging under the snow, I think of one thing, flowers! The brown grass will only turn into green grass which means soon it will be time to put flowers in the ground! When I first started learning about flowers, I … [Read More...]