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A look into the past.

Pork Joint In Uganda, Africa

Ugandan Signs in Africa

I was always so mad after falling asleep in the vehicle at any point in our trip as we drove hundreds of kilometers across Africa. The scenery, changing landscapes … [Read More...]

Past Adventures

tea field

Tea Plantation in Uganda, Africa

 I love tea – so  much so Chris and I have many a debates as to whether I drink too much of it or not. On more than one evening each of us have pounded away on our key boards searching the internet for the right statistics to support our own viewpoint. I don’t … [Read More...]

Lioness in Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park: Kenya, Africa

If there is one way to start off our trip through Africa, it’s to spend your first night on the road camping in an unfenced camp ground in a national park with herds of wild cape buffalo, zebras, rhinos and lions roaming in the park. Our guide assured us if we … [Read More...]

Carsten with his Project

Carstens Project: Why Caring for Parks Matters

Hello there! As you are reading this, we are somewhere in Africa. We already have thousands of photos and I have about ten posts in que. But we just have not had a lot of internet time. To make it worse, we've had good internet, but put all our items in the … [Read More...]

Girl in Blue

Saidia Children’s Home, Gilgil, Africa

Africa is a land of wonder. A place we have always wanted to go and see for ourselves just what this ancient continent offered. We have started our three month over land trek covering ten countries to get a glimpse into what life is like. If  you have even … [Read More...]

Delta  luggage containers en route to Africa

Getting to Africa

We've been talking about going to Africa for years. For anyone who loves to watch National Geographic or nature documentaries, Africa captivates the world with its unique animals, life and culture. Now that the time has finally come, it all seems a bit … [Read More...]


Off to Africa!

Wow, this week has had some crazy ups and downs, but tomorrow we are getting on a plane and heading to Africa. Our time has been a bit crazy and here are two quick pictures of why: We have been busy packing and compressing all of our things into zip lock … [Read More...]