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humming bird sitting

Spring Time in Vermont

Oh the spring time, the spring time, it is passing so fast. June 21st has brought us into the summer solstice, although with Vermont weather, it does not really feel … [Read More...]

A look into the past.

tent el chalten

My Favorite Travel Gear

I get asked all the time what type of gear we use to go on our adventures with. There are so many options out there a traveler could buy. And gear can add up. Good … [Read More...]

Past Adventures

trees in the Serengeti, Africa

Trees on the Serengeti Plains of Africa

During our three month journey through Africa I had several 'this is it' moments. Not the 'this is it' I'm gonna die moments in case you first thought that. The type of 'this is it' moment that resonates through your whole body and you know what it feels like … [Read More...]

hallway at PA capital bld

Those aren’t Lions: Transitioning back to USA

It's been barely two weeks since we've been home and Africa seems like a distant blur. Were we really there? ┬áDid we not just have lions walking right by our car? Was it not sunny every day? I can still feel the calluses on my left hand from driving so much. I … [Read More...]

Golden Monkey of Rwanda, Africa

Golden Monkeys in Rwanda, Africa

The name alone enticed me to want to venture out to see the golden monkeys. A critically endangered species, golden monkeys are found only around Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Africa. After checking in at the park office and paying for our permits, we … [Read More...]

Cape Cross Seal looking at you from Namibia, Africa

Cape Cross Seals of Namibia, Africa

We could see their bodies laying all over the ground before we even got out of the truck. Thousands of them everywhere. When we stepped out of the vehicle, most of them got up and ran away. Except their run was more like a waddle as they screamed because their … [Read More...]

Pensive chimp in Uganda

Chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest of Uganda

It was Christmas Day and a truck of cow hides freshly removed from their bodies passed by our group in an open aired truck. We were bouncing down a jungle road with thick walls of vegetation on either side towards Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda. Every … [Read More...]