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In the Top 3 for We Said Writing Contest!!!

Great news to share everyone! I won third place in the Independence Travel Writing Contest! Yahoo! You can leave a comment and read the other winning entries here. Below is a quick snippet from the We Said Go Travel site: Over fourteen hundred writers … [Read More...]

Gourmet Cheesecake

Delicious Desserts from Around the World

One of my favorite questions I've been able to answer this summer was from a lady eating carrots. She asked me, as she was putting a bright orange carrot in her mouth, "Is this the same carrot I saw you pick 30 minutes ago?" My answer was, "Yes." In the … [Read More...]

Flamingo feeding.

Flamingos in the Desert of Chile

Oh boy, this week there is a photo post about flamingoes in the Chilean desert. Yes flamingos! I had another post appear on the We Said Go Travel site titled, Flamingos in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The Atacama Desert has got to be just about one of the … [Read More...]

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

The Amazing Ruby Throated Hummingbird

I often forget how influencial a small bird flying around weighing the same as a postage stamp affects the earth. Tiny and fierce, hummingbirds play a big role in the landscapes we walk amoungst. They are migratory birds going back and forth between tropical … [Read More...]

029 b w flower

Butterflies of Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I like going to natural places where the park description reads, "there are innumerable species of insects" and then further clarifies "some of them still not identified." That is my kind of place. In an earlier post, we just touched the surface of Iguazu … [Read More...]

161 (2)tutle

Photos of Santiago, Chile

After walking around for several hours and not stepping dog poop, I knew Santiago, Chile was a clean city and I loved it. During our four month adventure through South America, I enjoyed each city we visited for it's own merits, but Santiago stands alone. I … [Read More...]

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Links, Books and an Online Store

This week I can say goodbye summer and hello fall all one sentence. The leaves are just starting to turn red and day light is fading. This week there are a lot of announcements to make, so let's get the ball rolling. *     *     * This past week it was a … [Read More...]

ferris wheel

Human Powered Festival, Santiago, Chile

I wondered if the advertisement for a "Human Powered Festival" was a misprint or a weird Spanish to English translation. It wasn't. We were in Santiago, Chile on our four month South American Adventure and decided to check out what this festival was all … [Read More...]