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elephant all ears on world animal day

World Animal Day 2015

Hey there everyone, put your hands in the air! October fourth is World Animal Day! Ok, if you don't have hands, you can put your trunk in the air. What's … [Read More...]

A look into the past.

Past Adventures

Bryce Canyon National Park

We Said Go Travel Independence Entry

I think things, a lot of things happen for a reason even if we do not see that reason in the moment. I remember back in 2007 when we moved to Utah. It was a huge risk. Chris and I loaded up our Saturn station wagon. The usual protocol for a move across the … [Read More...]

Kepler Hike, NZ

The Stunning Kepler Track in New Zealand

Our first move abroad was to New Zealand. I had wanted to move to the land of kiwis and green things for as long as I could remember. When immigration asked me why I was wishing to enter the country, without hesitation, my innocent and youthful response was, … [Read More...]

Welch Dickey Hike, NH

Amazing Views of Welch Dickey Hike, NH

Standing atop a rock faced mountain I gazed out over a grand expanse of green. Any direction I looked, I saw a blanket of green trees with mountains pushing them higher into the sky. This is one of my favorite things to see. I was standing atop a lookout while … [Read More...]

calm seyon pond

Sheet Mountain, an Innkeepers Day

So things got a little crazy and I didn't finish the post I had intended for this week. It all started out as a typical Innkeepers summer week in Vermont... ...quiet walks down to the pond. Beautiful sunsets. We squeezed in a celebration ¬†of my … [Read More...]

Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Ok, so my walk down memory lane is continuing a little bit. Chris and I lived out west for about three years in Arizona, Colorado and Utah. We got to travel to so many national parks and they were so amazing. While lived in Utah we worked as wilderness therapy … [Read More...]

Bryce National Park

Bryce National Park, Utah, USA

Recently I dug out a picture from our time spent in Utah. Oh my gosh did it remind me of how much I loved living in Utah! Chris and I lived in that red rock state for a year and a half. We were able to travel to so many national parks. I thought in this weeks … [Read More...]

humming bird sitting

Spring Time in Vermont

Oh the spring time, the spring time, it is passing so fast. June 21st has brought us into the summer solstice, although with Vermont weather, it does not really feel like that. Sitting down at the pond a few nights ago, a hoodie was not enough and I had to … [Read More...]

writing station of tiffany soukup

Keeping busy in the Spring Time!

Oh dear, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late with this weeks post! Been running a little crazy this week... ...trying to make sure team members are happy and keep things running smoothly... ...making sure I eat cattails (and edible plant species) and not water … [Read More...]