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A look into the past.

Past Adventures

Tiff at Colca Canyon, Peru

Salamanders, Contests and Blogs

Greetings again from the American 4th of July! Hope anyone celebrating had great a great weekend with friends and family.   This weeks post is a writing contest I've entered on the We Said go Travel Site. It's a vulnerable piece entitled, How … [Read More...]

French bread hot out of the oven made by Tiff.

Ghosts, Books and Bread

Oh boy...lots of stuff is happening. Vermont is *just beautiful* right now. I went running down our dirt road thankful for each crunch of gravel I heard beneath my feet. I looked up at the umbrella of green leaves hanging over the road providing me shade. I … [Read More...]

Tiff and Chris at Airport

How to Manage your Money Abroad

I had been striking out all day with language failures. I couldn't order a vegetarian burger (I ate plain white rice instead), we waited twenty minutes for a bus (maybe we could have taken the one right in front of us), and by this point I was standing at the … [Read More...]